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Edition 1

In this edition:

  • Report: Humanity in the Pandemic (part I).

  • Editorial: Why communicate in the virtual space?

  • Interview: With the Systemic Theory in the Body... Carlos Sluzki a Master of Family Therapy.

  • Note: Enter to Exit Bridges to other Dimensions.

Edition 2

In this edition

  • Report: Humanity in the Pandemic (part II).

  • Poetic Horizon.

  • Interview: José Ignacio Valenzuela: "Writing is my way of understanding the world."

  • Article: Psychodramatic direction, Postgraduate in Process, Perceptions and Impressions.

Edition 3

In this edition:

  • Report: the Earth trembles:  Cordaro’s  method to predict earthquakes.

  • Poetic horizon: the creator in their work.

  • Article: Tears.

  • Interview with Jaime Lorca. Life in puppet.

  • Workshop 99: Re-carving life.

Edition 4

In this edition:

  • Report Living World: Native Andean Peoples and their Link with Nature.

  • Poetic Horizon: Cultural Universes Photographs by Bruno Giliberto.

  • Column: Voices of Power in the Exercise of Leadership.

  • Interview with Mónica Morgues: Neonatal Medicine Sensitivity and Consciousness: The Doctor as an Instrument.

Edition 5

  • Report: Christmas in the Pandemic.

  • Poetic Horizon: Alicia Larraín Chaux.

  • Report: The Passion for Teaching by Ernesto Muñoz:

  • Interview with Jorge Herrera: The Restorative Power of Music.

  •  Postgraduate Psycho-dramatic Direction: End of the Journey.