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About Us

The origins of Serbal Centro Serbal Desarrollos Sistémicos date back to the eighties. At that time Susana Muñoz Aburto and Lilia Vidal Garay were training as systemic therapists and began to dream about creating a space where people had the opportunity to train, explore, investigate and create: a place where they could work personally and professionally in a context of respect and care.


It took more than 15 years to rekindle that dream. In 2003 Susana Muñoz Aburto invited Fabiola Aburto Prieto to carry out the first Open Doors Workshop, to later be followed by many others. In 2005 both formally created our Serbal Center.

We work from the systemic psichology integrating approach of linking narrative and corporality so that people build their own history, creating new realities.


Our model uses art as a guideline that connects the emotional, rational and bodily world of people, groups, companies, systems, society and culture.

Academy Development

From the very beginning we have had an interest in the generation of knowledge. In 2007 we began our Postgraduate “Bond and Relations Diagnosis and Systemic Interventions”, of which we have carried out 5 versions. We continued in 2019 with the "Bond, Perception and Consciousness in Group Coordination Specialization. 

In the years 2020 and 2021 we made the Postgraduate “Psychodrama Direction and Group Coordination”. During 2023 and 2024 we are carryng out the Formation "The Body and its Labyrinths: Dramas and Psychodramas”. 


Simultaneously we have promoted coaching laboratories and exploration ateliers on various topics over two decades. We have also organized numerous meetings with national and international professionals with the purpose of promoting the exchange of experiences.


The Dreams Serbal

We imagine a transdisciplinary center where art converges as a bridge between people, groups, societies, and humanities - in a natural environment that considers spaces, times, texts and contexts.


We imagine a center where the body emerges as a point of convergence of the path traveled, with light and shade, and that it be a source of meaning.


We imagine a center where justice embodied in reciprocity can be felt in freedom of movement and expression.

We imagine a center where network configuration allows symmetrical encounters of mutual growth.


We imagine a center where trust is the axis to exorcise the inconceivable fears and anxieties that we all bring.


We imagine the awakening of art inside the forest where elves and gnomes meet to share and disseminate related themes in other areas where the land is fertile for reforestation.


We imagine a space for creation and re-creation. A meeting and integration place where knowledge and the arts coexist in an aesthetic movement, in a climate of respect and openness to diversity: A place where joy and pain have a space, along with light and shade, life and death.

Get to know us

Susana Munoz2.jpeg

Susana Muñoz Aburto
Center's Director

Midwife, clinical psychologist, family and couples therapist, teacher, psychodramatist, group coordinator, body therapist and accredited coach, bond and relationship specialist: diagnosis and systemic interventions.

fabiola aburto 6.jpg

Fabiola Aburto Prieto
Center’s Communications Coordinator

Journalist and graduate in aesthetics. Psychodramatic director and group coordinator, bond and relationship specialist: diagnosis and systemic interventions.


Gonzalo Irarrazaval_edited.jpg

Gonzalo Irarrázaval Jory

Business Engineer, specialist in innovation, psychodramatic director and group coordinator.

magaly valenzuela_edited.jpg

Magaly Valenzuela Mella

Commercial engineer and business administration engineer.

Diego errazuriz_edited.jpg

Diego Errázuriz Jory

Clinical psychologist and family therapist, Psychodramatic director and group coordinator.

Alejandro P_edited_edited.jpg

Alejandro Peralta Vásquez

Industrial designer, teacher, group coordinator, specialist in Bond and Diagnosis Relations and Systemic Interventions.

Catalina Cerda_edited.jpg

Catalina Cerda Ceresuela

Actress, playwright, theater director and screenwriter.

Simón Pujadas_edited_edited.jpg

Simón Pujadas Tafra

Architect, master's degree in architecture, professor of drawing and representation.

Rino blanco y negro_edited.jpg

Rinoldo Rodríguez Guzmán

Musician, composer and master's degree in Latin American musicology

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