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We are a center oriented towards the creation of development contexts, and the changes in people, groups and organizations.

We are a place where the soil is prepared so that the seeds can germinate; a space where the body is worked as an instrument, and art is used as a bridge in order to generate resources that may multiply in the external world.

Serbal Psichodrama Atelier

The saturday, june 17, we will make a new Atelier Psychodrama coordinated by Susana Muñoz, systemic psychologist, group coordinator psychodramatist and director of our center. We will hold 1 monthly atelier from March to December 2023.

Psychodrama is a method which has to do with going in search of scenes or moments that have been captured. In it, group work and the generation of a safe space is very important. In this regard, Susana Muñoz explains: “We all have scenes that have been left pending and so give rise to patterns or choreographies that can be repeated throughout the generations, waiting for someone to give them a course or to metabolize them. The purpose of psycho-drama is to allow these captured scenes to find an alternative route implying the need to change the choreography, especially in the worlds of relationships and bonding”.


Value: U$100

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En este video te invitamos a conocer más acerca de nuestros Ateliers.
Fecha: sábado 6 de julio de 2024, de 9:00 a 13:00 horas. 

Lugar: Espaciocrea, calle Los Domínicos 8630, oficina 805, Las Condes.

Valor: $90.000.


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The academic work focuses on reviewing and learning of contents that support the systemic view and which open to the exploration of various dimensions of the task in the light of theory.


The research is associated with the exploration of different roles from the systemic, artistic psycho-dramatic perspective, in order to integrate it into the academic world, to the investigative and daily perspective. The purpose of this is for the subject to be able to develop and enrich their resources that affect their being in the world.

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Inheritance and Co-Inheritance: Stories that Change Lives

Since 2017 we have carried out this program being broadcast every Saturday on Radio Universidad de Chile. In these five years we have interviewed people from the most diverse fields: artists, writers, scientists, teachers, psychiatrists, musicians, researchers and creators, among others.


The invitation is to discover and get to know the person behind the role. Meet and go on the journey, together with the interviewee, through the interwoven plot of their own story, the context and the role, their searches, their internal certainties and the way they build with others. We believe that this narrative generates movements and resonances in the listeners that open up dimensions of meaning and hope.

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Program Enter to Exit Bridges to other Dimensions

Serbal Gazette

Our magazine´s name reminds us of the first newspapers. Texts and “contexts” using the word to reflect and develop themes that touch us and, more often than not, interrupt our daily life.

Editions Serbal

Book Bond, Perception and Consciousness in Group Coordination: The Coordinator Person


This book written by Susana Muñoz Aburto, psychologist and director of Serbal, delves from theory and practice into the experience of coordinating groups and the role and responsibility of those who lead people, groups and/or teams.


The author gives an account of an investigation carried out by a group of professionals from different disciplines and visions of the world who were part of a project that integrated psychology, art, narrative and body work.

Pages: 238.
Serbal Editions.

On sale at Serbal

Print book.

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Digital book

Serbal Communications

We develop Communication Consultancy in:


  • Advice on press management, especially in the cultural, artistic, psychological and social fields.

  • Creation of contents,: book edition and publications.

About Serbal

We are a center oriented towards the creation of development contexts, the change in people, groups and organizations.


Our Mission

  • To strengthen the personal and relationship resources of groups of professionals so that they are able to intervene systematically in their work contexts.


  • To create spaces favoring contexts where people can repair, restore and coherently develop in the multiplicity of life cycle roles; family, work and social.


  • To advise teams in order to ease the co-construction of creative and innovative solutions within their organization.


Our Vision

We aspire to be a human, competent, innovative, prosperous and sustainable center oriented towards the creation of development contexts, the change in people, groups and organizations; we hope to be distinguished for excellence, aesthetics and impeccability of our interventions.

Our Team

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